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Urban agility #4: Full speed right from the start line


It is a common problem, that the dog starts the course with slower speed. There are also dogs who don’t want to leave from the start at all: they just sit there and wait to get more treats! Or they decide to go sniffing when hearing the release cue.

Agility is about speed, so we want  our dogs to run full speed right from the start! These four games in the video are great exercises for dogs with motivational issues, but also for dogs who could have better start line behavior.

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Urban agility #3: Something fun for rainy days


Autumn is here! And here in Finland, it means that it is raining very often. Even though sometimes it is very relaxing to walk in the rain, sometimes you just want to stay indoors. Especially my little Venla is a bit spoiled and she doesn’t like to walk at all if the ground is wet! So in todays video I am listing some activation tips for those rainy days. I would like to hear also your tips and ideas, so leave them in the comment section!

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