by Mari Mäkelä


July 2015

Urban agility #1: Front crosses and basic turns


It had been raining all day, but I really wanted to make this video for you! I was just about to put on my rain clothes and make a cool plastic bag cover for my camera, when it luckily stopped raining for a while. So we rushed out and trained some front crosses and basic turns. Vola just loves these kind of training sessions and we train agility with trees, lamp posts or poles every week!

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Agilityflow Courses #1: Trust your dog


These courses are all about trusting your dog! I love making these kind of small courses with only few obstacles. They are super easy to build and you can train them even though you don’t have much space available. Training these courses with Vola was super-fun and I hope that you are going to enjoy them too!

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