In these courses there are some fun discriminations: does your dog know whether to turn right or left? Or to take the jump from your side or backside? Verbal cues can help your dog with these questions, but this week I wanted to focus on my handling cues with Vola. Therefore I designed these two small space exercises. All you need is a tunnel and four jumps!

In this video, we are showing you the courses with Vola. The first course is maybe a bit more simple and the second one is more advanced. I am sorry that the video is so grainy: there isn’t much sunlight here in Finland at the moment but we are moving towards the spring!

Hope you will have fun with these courses! I would really like to see your version of these courses, so please link your video in the comment box. Remember that even though we are showing one way to handle the courses, there are many handling options that are just as good (or maybe even better)!





Download the course maps (pdf)

Thank you Roote for the music!

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