Hi everybody and thank you for waiting this video! This time I have designed two different small space drills for you.

We are showing the first course with Vola who has now started to train agility again. Because he is still running just straight lines, the course is full of speed and, well, straight lines :) I hope that now that Vola is back running agility again, I will be able to post videos more often, Yay!

The second course is more technical and we ran it with little Venla. With that course, you will have to think about the timing of your handlings and also trust your  team mate. Hope you are going to have fun! Don’t forget to link your video :)

I am also thinking about posting some written articles about training and coaching, and maybe some of them including course maps. Let me hear what do you think of the idea.

By Mari Mäkelä-2


By Mari Mäkelä


Download course maps (pdf)

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