Hello all! Today we are showing you two fun small space drills with Vola. In these two drills there is a nice variation between tight turning and running straight and because they only include 5 jumps, a tunnel and an A-frame, they are super easy to build and to connect with another courses.

I also wanted to add some obstacle discrimination, and that’s why there is an A-frame also in the first course even though it’s not numbered. At least Vola needs training with obstacle discriminations, so I often like to place some extra “bluff” obstacles on courses.

Like always, there are multiple handling options for these courses, but with the first course I found sequence 6-9 is especially interesting! I tried it with front cross, rear cross and blind cross, but it could also be fun to try handling from the landing side of jump 8 and make a german turn. Don’t forget to link your video in the comments if you try it! :)





Download course maps (pdf)

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