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Urban agility #3: Something fun for rainy days


Autumn is here! And here in Finland, it means that it is raining very often. Even though sometimes it is very relaxing to walk in the rain, sometimes you just want to stay indoors. Especially my little Venla is a bit spoiled and she doesn’t like to walk at all if the ground is wet! So in todays video I am listing some activation tips for those rainy days. I would like to hear also your tips and ideas, so leave them in the comment section!

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Agilityflow Courses #3: Which line is faster?


I have been asked to do a video, where I am handling the same course in different ways. So here it is! You can handle this course in multiple ways, but try to think, which lines would be fastest for you and your dog. In last week’s video we listed things you should pay attention to when you are choosing handling techniques, so you may want to watch it first.


We tried two different handling styles with Vola and compared them to see which lines were fastest. I have to say, that the result surprised me!

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Head in the game #2: Choose the right handling techniques


There are multiple things to consider when choosing which handling techniques you are going to use. In this video, I am listing some of those things and in next week’s courses video, we are going to test different handling techniques to see which lines are the fastest. There rarely are sequences with only one way to handle, so enjoy testing different paths and handlings with your dog!

In the end of this video, there is a comparison:  small dog’s striding versus big dog’s striding. Can’t believe that the difference is so huge!

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Urban agility #2: Wraps and full turns


Wraps have been hard for me: I was always too early and the dog didn’t take the jump or I was too late and on dogs path. When we started to train wraps with lamp posts, they became so much easier! I got better, and my dogs did too. Training wraps will teach you to read your dog and time your handlings better. Your dog will learn to take jumps even though you are already running to the next direction.  So, they are very useful and also educational!

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Agilityflow Courses #2: Challenge your blind crosses


These courses can be handled in many ways, but if you want, you can really challenge your blind crosses! With these courses, you can run full speed and just enjoy working with your dog. We trained these courses with Venla and we had so much fun! Venla has been in a short summer break from agility, and this was her second time training after the break. I have to say, that I just love running with her, it is agilityflow at it’s best!

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Head in the game #1: You can’t succeed if you don’t try

Sometimes, when a handling technique is challenging to ourselves, instead of training it, we start avoiding it. Why should you even try it, when you know  it ain’t going to work? That  kind of thinking limits your chances to learn and succeed! Remember to move outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Trying is the only way to succeed.

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Urban agility #1: Front crosses and basic turns


It had been raining all day, but I really wanted to make this video for you! I was just about to put on my rain clothes and make a cool plastic bag cover for my camera, when it luckily stopped raining for a while. So we rushed out and trained some front crosses and basic turns. Vola just loves these kind of training sessions and we train agility with trees, lamp posts or poles every week!

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Agilityflow Courses #1: Trust your dog


These courses are all about trusting your dog! I love making these kind of small courses with only few obstacles. They are super easy to build and you can train them even though you don’t have much space available. Training these courses with Vola was super-fun and I hope that you are going to enjoy them too!

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